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What Slickwater Fracking WILL Do...

Fracking WILL permanently divert hundreds of millions of gallons of freshwater from our well, river, stream and lake aquifers and watersheds.

Fracking WILL contaminate billions of gallons of clean water with toxic chemicals (About 5 million gallons of water and 25,000 gallons of chemicals per slickwater frack event.)

Fracking WILL necessitate thousands of relatively shallow injection wells for hazardous slickwater flowback waste, further endangering the land and freshwater recharge basins of our rivers and watersheds.

Fracking WILL execute the permanent removal of Large Quantity Withdrawals of freshwater from the Hydrologic Cycle of the Great Lakes Basin. This violates the intent of the Great Lakes Compact.

Fracking WILL pollute the air with routine flaring, off-gassing and transport procedures. Animals and people will suffer.

Fracking WILL create hundreds of Heavy Industry Stations with accompanying noise, smells and traffic load, throughout rural Michigan.

Fracking WILL degrade quality of life for Michigan citizens and visitors.

Fracking WILL lower land values, causing property sale and mortgage problems.

Fracking WILL damage Michigan's tourism economy.

Fracking WILL devastate the environment on an unprecedented scale with projected 5-20 acre industrial frack pads, multiple (10-20) wells per square mile and multiple fracks per well.

Fracking WILL be a Boom and Bust Industry. The profits will be taken, the scars will be left.

Fracking WILL turn public recreation lands and state treasures into private industry assets. The state forests that support biodiversity of species will be fragmented and impaired. The land will be used to maximize profits, the resources will be taken, the damage will take centuries (if ever) to heal.

Fracking WILL cause unreasonable and unnecessary damage to Michigan's environment, the commons (state forests, water and air) and to the public trust. The unacceptable harms and real costs of fracking are inherent in the unconventional Slickwater High-volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Industry. The harm is fundamental, intrinsic, endemic and irreversible to the process. The damage and costs will be imposed on the environment and the people. The gas will be sold on the international markets by international gas and oil companies.

Protect Michigan's Water. Ban Slickwater Fracking

A printable, downloadable copy of this article is available by clicking HERE.

Water is our most precious and valuable resource.

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